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Specialist Glass

We offer an amazing range of specialist types of glass finishes which include, digitally printed, laminated and triple laminated glass.

Printed Glass:

Digitally printed backing vinyl applied to the glass in any design either photographic or vector images can be printed on a special vinyl that is applied to the back of the glass. This method is ideal where a specific design is required, once installed against a wall the design is viewed through the glass and will not be damaged as the print is on the rear. This method gives an easy clean surface with limitless design opportunities.

Laminated & Decorative glass:

Laminated glass is made completely to your requirements, so is available in a huge range of options and can use tinted or textured glass with mirror, and any number of decorative materials to create a truly unique product. We are able to laminate meshes and fabrics within the glass to provide a wide range of designs to suit all requirements, almost any design is possible to give the bespoke look designers often request.

Laminated glass typically uses two layers of glass and a material such as PVB or EVA to bond the glass together, and dependent on requirements, may encapsulate a decorative interlayer.

The process of bonding the glass together means that if the glass breaks it is held together so it is ideal for applications where safety and security are paramount, especially if toughened glass is used as it makes the glass incredibly strong. Our toughened laminated glass is manufactured to BS EN 12600 and BS EN 12150.

If you would like further information on the services we offer as a glass company, please get in touch to discuss your unique requirements.